Information, Advice and Guidance

We have a highly skilled team of staff who are involved in offering information, advice and guidance. Our joint knowledge and unique perspectives ensure that students receive expert advice to achieve the best possible outcomes.

We’re here to provide impartial advice to help students and their families make informed decisions. This can be done formally at review meetings or can be as simple as a quick chat.

Examples of IAG at Activate

  • Performance Review Meetings take place twice a year. Students and their parents/carers meet with a personal tutor to discuss how they’re getting on and look at any areas for improvement.
  • Learner Support Review Meetings take place termly to ensure students’ support needs are met and to look at milestones.
  • Our Employability Co-ordinator meets each student within the first six weeks of starting with us to discuss ambitions for the future regarding work and volunteering. Students continue to be supported throughout the year as required, especially when undertaking voluntary or work experience.
  • IAG exit meetings take place 6 months before a student’s completion date in which they are supported in planning for a destination such as training, volunteering or work.
  • Students have access to support from Activate for up to 6 months after finishing a course.